Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedgewick Village Wednesday

Welcome to Wedgewick Village Wednesday! These weekly posts will have anything and everything to do with Wedgewick Village, the mystery behind the hidden village, the people, folklore and magic.

Today will be a small introduction to the enchanting world of Wedgewick Village. Please enjoy this passage from The Childe of the first time Cat rides with Miss Amaya to the village.

“A forest of tall, dark, and bare trees loomed ahead. After driving through their arched entryway, they were plunged into darkness. The road was suddenly illuminated by the car’s headlights, sending small animals scurrying out of their path. ‘Don’t worry Cat. They’re quick. The animals are used to this,’ Miss Amaya said, smiling reassuringly.
Looking to the right, Cat noticed a patch of sunlight shining through the tree canopy on a group of Elk gathered by a small stream. As the purple bug sped by the majestic animals, Cat swore she saw them look up and then bow their heads as if welcoming them into the forest. 
‘Miss Amaya…did you, just see that?’ Cat asked confused. ‘What, what did you see?’ ‘Oh, nothing…never mind,’ Cat replied.
The forest seemed to be endless. Cat could no longer see anything through the thick darkness. The pat ahead was now only barely illuminated. Miss Amaya grabbed ahold of her pentagram necklace and began mumbling something. ‘Miss Amaya what are-?’
Before Cat could finish her sentence they were suddenly bathed in sunlight as they emerged from the woods. Cat’s eyes widened as she took in the scenery around her. Fields of brightly colored flowers carpeted either side of the tiny road. Ahead she saw small, colorful cottages gracing the top of the hill. Each one was surrounded by a small picket fence with beautiful gardens nestled inside. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Miss Amaya smiling. ‘Breath taking, isn’t it? I never get tired of the feeling I get when I come here. It’s so peaceful, so tranquil. A place a person can just breathe.’ Cat nodded, too stunned to say anything, her senses were on overload.
Why wasn’t this place on the tourist maps? Cat asked herself. She had looked up Wedgewick Village on the internet, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Cat had even gone into her father’s study to look at his map of Covington County. She used the huge magnifying glass sitting on his desk, and still couldn’t find it.   
Cat’s attention focused on the sign on the side of the road. As they zoomed past the sign, it shook and the population changed to 1000.”

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