Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trivia Tuesday 12/11

We are extremely lucky to get this week's Trivia Tuesday from our very own Carol Kunz! She has graciously agreed to share a 'Little Bit' of her past with us.
Carol: So I was born in England. My mum is English, my dad is American and he was in the military. I first came to the U.S. when I was three years old. I spent a total of fifteen years of my life in England. My last three years of high school, I went to an American boarding school. I would travel by bus to the school early Monday morning and return home on Friday evening. I have reconnected with many of my classmates in the last few years through Facebook.

Question: Where in England were you born or did you live?
Carol: Born in New Ferry, across the Mersey from Liverpool.

Question: We know that up to the age of three and for three years in high school you were in England, what other ages did you live in England?
Carol: [Ages] 5-9 lived in Raunds England, [age] 10 lived in South Carolina, [age] 11 lived in New Ferry England with grandparents, [age] 12 lived in Utah, [age] 13 lived in New Ferry England with Grandparents, [age] 14 lived in New Mexico and [ages] 15 thru 19 lived in England RAF [Royal Air Force station] Bentwaters on weekends and holidays and summer, and RAF Lakenheath during the week when school was in session. 

Last Question: What is your favorite memory of England?
Carol: When my Grandad would take me to the libraries and W.H. Smith & Sons, a huge bookstore in England. I've loved books since I was able to read at age 4 

Huge thanks and BIG HUGS to Carol for this week's Trivia Tuesday! Be sure to leave a comment or question for Carol below!

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