Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedgewick Village Wednesday 12/12

Last week, we took a drive with Cat and Miss Amaya through the dark and ominous forest to Wedgewick Village. This week, we'll get a glimpse of the shopping available to those visiting the village.

"Cat I know you'll fall in love with this place! So, a brief tour it shall be, and then on to The Purple Door. We're going to have so much fun!" Miss Amaya exclaimed as she linked arms with Cat, and then walked down a small alley. At the end of the alley lay a huge circle made of cobblestone. "This is our town square, though I guess it technically is a circle," she joked. Astoria had cobblestone streets, but they were dull compared to the polished surface that lay before them. The town square was bustling with activity. People of various shapes and sizes, who were dressed in all different styles of clothing, filled the large area. A light breeze blew and Cat noticed a flag flying from a pole in the middle of the square. It read: WELCOME ONE AND ALL. Surrounding the words were numerous symbols, some she recognized as religious ones.

"That's our flagpole, maypole, and anything else we need it to be pole," Miss Amaya explained. "At Christmas, a metal frame in the shape of a fir tree is placed there. Then it's decorated with lights and ornaments. It's so magical! People from all over come to admire it. We wouldn't dream of using a real tree though. As cutting one down to last for a month would just be selfish," she said smiling.

"Here's our shopping district, my favorite part," Miss Amaya gushed, her arms outstretched wide. Every store had a huge window in front displaying their wares. No two windows were the same shape or size. "On the left we have HAROLD'S ODDITIES. He's such a cute little man. There's SOLFLOWER to our right, which sells the most unique exotic plants! Over there is THE PLACID COW and GOSSAMER'S SPELL SHOP." Miss Amaya placed her hand on her chin, deep in thought. "Oh! Speaking of GOSSAMER'S! I need to run in there for a minute. You can come if you like, or you could just wander around for a bit."

"That store sounds interesting," Cat stated, pointing to FULL MOON RISING, which was next door to GOSSAMER'S.

"Okay, well enjoy. I shouldn't be long. See you in a bit," Miss Amaya said, smiling at her.

Upon entering through the light blue door of FULL MOON RISING, Cat was greeted by a tall, slender woman dressed in a gown that could only be described as breathtaking. It was brilliant white with small full moons woven into the fabric.

"Good morning young lady, welcome to FULL MOON RISING. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask," she said, smiling at Cat. The woman's soothing voice enveloped her.

"Thank you," Cat said, returning her smile. After walking deeper into the store, she noticed on one wall there were shelves full of moons that were displayed in every way possible. Mini paintings, desktop stands with moons resting on them, moon globes, and moon posters. On the other side of the store she saw several cabinets full of books. Walking over she glanced at the titles. HOW THE MOON AFFECTS YOUR MOOD, THE MOON ENCYCLOPEDIA, HOW TO READ THE MOON, and THE TRUTH ABOUT WEREWOLVES AND FULL MOONS.

"Find anything interesting Cat?" Miss Amaya asked, peering over her shoulder.
"This store is amazing! I didn't know there was this much information about the moon," she replied.
"Blessed be Amaya. Is this lovely young lady with you?"

Miss Amaya put her arm around Cat, "Yes Miranda, this is Cat Colvin, a student and a friend of mine. Cat, this is Miranda, the owner of this wonderful store."

"I'm so delighted to meet you Cat! You've picked a great day to visit us. The festival this year is the largest we’ve ever had. It's true that the world is shifting and more people are finding their light."

"Well, we must be going Miranda. As you said there's lots to do today. Give my love to your mother. Blessed be. Now, it's off to see Gretchen," she announced as she started leading Cat out of the store.

Cat stopped and looked up at the sky. There were ominous looking clouds in the distance. "Looks like we're going to have a typical wet and gloomy Astoria day."

"No we won't. It wouldn't dare rain on the festival. A fair sunny day was ordered and that's what we shall have," Miss Amaya replied with a grin as she kept on walking. Cat stood there watching her move ahead, and then looked back at the dark clouds. I guess only time will tell. Cat thought, then hurried to catch up with her teacher.
I think I could get lost in the FULL MOON RISING! Which shop in Wedgewick Village would you like to visit? Leave a comment below.

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