Thursday, January 10, 2013

ONE TINY SECRET Cover Reveal Party Heats Up on Wednesday!

Day One of the Cover Reveal Party (CRP) for ONE TINY SECRET started off with a giveaway and excerpt, plus the announcement that Adam would be giving away a framed print of his original hand drawn concept art for ONE TINY SECRET!

Wednesday was Day Two and the party got even hotter!

When the CRP attendence reached 170 guests, Adam revealed to us his hand drawn original concept art for ONE TINY SECRET, which would be part of the FRIDAY'S GRAND PRIZE giveaway!

At 200 guests, Adam announced that he would give one lucky CRP attendee a framed copy of this drawing. And just as before, Adam chose the winner in the most just and fair way possible...

Congratulations Tina!
Next, came the Day Two poll/survey. Today, we had the same choices less option 5, which we strongly urged Adam to post for us on Tuesday...which he did! So in case you forgot the choices we had, I'll list them again.
1) Celebrity pictures of who I envision would play the main characters in One Tiny Secret. 
2) Pictures of what I think the town of Holden Ridge (where the book takes place) looks like. 
3) Teaser pictures of scenes/overall settings/themes etc. 
4) The One Tiny Secret Song Play list

When the votes were tallied, Adam announced that he would be posting #1, photos of celebrities that he feels best resemble the main characters of ONE TINY SECRET! He posted 6 pictures with a little blurb about why he chose the particular celebrity for each character. Each post is shown below.

Those are all great actors! I like all of them! I'm super excited to read ONE TINY SECRET and envision these celebrities as I read through their story.

Adam gave us another surprise...the only conditions were that we had to get 180 guests and there had to be 20 comments from 20 different people. Needless to say, we accomplished that...NO PROBLEM! So, we got.....ANOTHER EXCERPT! Woohoo! Read this spicy little tid bit of ONE TINY SECRET below:
“How much did you have to drink last night?” he asks while moving the damp cloth from over my eyes to back on my forehead.

“I only remember having like two drinks…the shot at the entrance...and the one beer I got myself.”

“Ha, light weight,” he jokes.

“I don’t feel hung over though. I feel drugged up,” I reply wearily.

“Huh...can you open your eyes?”

“I can try,” I reply, slowly blinking my eyes open. Everything’s still blurry, but as I attempt to focus on just Parker’s face, it comes into view. He smiles while letting out a soft laugh, and I smile back.

“Good morning…well actually it’s after noon.”

“Ah crap, what time is it exactly?” I ask, feeling my stomach sink at the thought of my dad sending out a search party with him leading the way, decked out in his uniform and everything.

“It’s about one, why?”

“Ugh, my dad is why. Where’s my phone?” I ask looking around my immediate vicinity to see if it’s anywhere nearby.

“Oh, it’s on my desk. I’ll get it,” he says and then raises from the bed.

The first thing I notice is that he’s not wearing a shirt. The second thing…he’s wearing green and blue flannel pajama bottoms…and they’re riding dangerously low. As he turns around, my eyes can't help but travel directly to the definition just below his hips. Oh my god, his v is perfect. Seriously, when did Parker get this hot? I mean he was hot before, but now, holy shit. And from the looks of it, he may not be wearing any boxers under those pants of his.

I feel embarrassed for staring and avert my eyes. “You’re killing me with your v,” I blurt out.

“My what?” he asks confused.

“Your v. You know, the highly defined hip and pelvic area. Your v,” I reply, taking my phone from his hands.

“Oh, that. Yeah I’ve been working out a little lately.”

“A little?” I murmur under my breath. He just laughs.

I look down at the shirt I have on and it’s definitely not mine. It suddenly dawns on me...I’m wearing his shirt. Tugging on the flannel, “Uh, why am I wearing your shirt? We didn’t-”

“No, nothing happened,” he replies quickly. “You kind of threw up all over your Little Red outfit...and that’s all I had for you to wear.”
Wooo! I told you things were heating up! Are you as excited to read this as I am?

Thanks to the incomparable Ms. Carol, we found out that someone extra special joined our event!

Also, Adam took some time out to recognize the wonderful lady and blog hosting this amazing blog tour & giveaway!

Be sure to give her site a visit and show her some love! 

Only two days down and there has been A LOT of activity at the CRP for ONE TINY SECRET!! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings? Maybe a playlist or another excerpt?! Be sure to check out this FB event and join the party! CRP for ONE TINY SECRET

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