Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adam Reveals "One Tiny Peek" of ONE TINY SECRET

Tuesday began the week long Cover Reveal Party for ONE TINY SECRET, and Adam started it off with a bang!

The first giveaway, a chance to win any e-book priced under $5.99, would come when the event reached 100 attendees. By mid-morning, Adam posted an announcement that they had reached that goal, and entering the contest was as simple as posting a comment. Adam announced the winner later that evening in the following post:
So, I just want everyone to know that this was a completely random giveaway. To make it fair for everyone I put all of your names on a piece of paper and put them in a box and mixed them all up, hahaha (I know, I'm old school)! Annnnnd the winner is...Tammy Geller Moore!  
Next, Adam submitted a list of five items to vote on by comment. He would post the number with the most votes later in the evening. The choices were 1) Celebrity pictures of who I envision would play the main characters in One Tiny Secret. 2) Pictures of what I think the town of Holden Ridge (where the book takes place) looks like. 3) Teaser pictures of scenes/overall settings/themes etc. 4) The One Tiny Secret Song Play list 5) An unedited excerpt of One Tiny Secret. This "quick poll" lasted nearly all afternoon and sparked many funny comments. In the end, #5, an unedited excerpt of One Tiny Secret, had the most votes! Here is the posted excerpt:
Taking off my slippers, I slide under the covers to warm up. As I go to reach for my laptop, my phone chimes again. Unlocking it, I find that it’s just reminding me of my unchecked Facebook friend request. Tapping on the Facebook icon, I wait for the page to load. Being on the outskirts of town really sucks for internet access.

My eyes grow wide with surprise, and my heart stutters, as I see the picture of the person who sent me the request pop up on my screen. “Parker Reed?” The moment that name leaves my lips, I feel a tingling sensation course through my entire body. The last time I saw his face was like three years ago, and I was making out with it. I used to be attached at the hip and utterly inseparable from his sister, Phoebe. Our best friendship was destroyed by my little…well I wouldn’t call it little…fling with Parker. Phoebe and I are actually on speaking terms now, as of two weeks ago, which I was sure would never happen, in like a million years.

I let my phone’s screen fade to black without clicking yes or no to the request, and then set the phone down by my side. I let out a heavy sigh as I think back to the night Parker and I first kissed. He was a senior and I was a Freshman. I pretty much had a crush on him all my post pubescent life, and that crush was firmly cemented the moment our lips locked.

“No…no you’ve got to snap out of this, Dani!” I groan. “You can’t eff things up with Phoebe again.”
In the early evening, Adam made the cover reveal event PUBLIC. Many more attendees signed up and more giveaways and posts are on their way!

Check out all the fun and giveaways HERE!

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