Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting to Know You (pt. 3)

This is part two of my strenuous questioning of the duo known as C.A. Kunz. More fun questions to discover the essences of Carol and Adam!

20. What one thing most gets your creative juices flowing?

      Carol: My crazy dreams.
      Adam: Listening to music.

21. When (month/year) did you decide to begin writing together?
      Carol and Adam: April 2010.

22. How long did it take to write "The Childe?"
      Carol and Adam: Nine looooooooong months, hahaha!

23. If "The Childe" became a movie, who would you like to portray Cat?
      Carol and Adam: Molly C. Quinn from the TV show Castle.

24. If "The Modified" became a movie, who would like to portray Kenley?
      Carol and Adam: AnnaSophia Robb

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